Basic Home Medical Equipment
Private Duty (Nurses & Caregivers)
Osterized Food (NatSure)
Oxygen Tank Refill and Delivery



Pain Management
Comfort Care
Doctor’s Visit / Consultation
Dying at Home
-Post Mortem Care
-Issuance of Death Certificate



IV Fluids Hydration
IV Antibiotics Treatment
Facilitated Laboratory Work ups
NGT or PEG replacement at Home via Doctor / Medical Assistant
Foley Catheter Insertion


Centerlife’s philosophy
of caring.

Centerlife believes that the kind of care we should accord to our patients is not to treat them as patients but as loved ones who are sick. By basing our care on this philosophy we are able to deliver the kind of care that is appreciated not just by the patient, but the patient’s family as well.

Not patient, not client but an “ill loved one” – the mindset that we try to impart to each Centerlife staff so that they can deliver the best of care that they can to your ill loved one.



Appreciating this kind of service

Appreciating this kind of service

A lot of times, it is difficult for people to appreciate the kind of service and care that Centerlife gives, especially when it comes to first time callers. We get calls any time of the day, and we go to the caller’s home carrying all kinds of medicines and supplies,...

Aren’t your services expensive?

Aren’t your services expensive?

We get that a lot, especially when we are with our patients and there are relatives and guest around. After introductions and a bit of talk about the services we provide for a family’s ill loved one (ILO), the conversation usually drifts towards this topic after many...

Centerlife advantages

Centerlife advantages

It is kind of surprising when a lot of the families who enroll their ill loved ones with Centerlife comment on how new and innovative our program seems to them. We’ve had a lot of comments from “how is your specialist able to spend so much time with our patients” to...


Home Medical Service

Antibiotic Treatment thru IV
Hydration thru IV
Home visits via Doctor /
Medical Assistant
NGT or PEG replacement at Home
via Doctor or Medical Assistant



Dying at Home
-Pain control thru IV drips
-Comfort Care
End of Life Care Team
home visit/duty
Counselling and
Spiritual Direction
Pronouncement of Death
Post Mortem Care &
Issuance of Death Certificate


Living with Assistance

12 hours shift or 24 hours duty
of a Caregiver


Palliative & Hospice Care

12/12 or 24 hours duty of
a Palliative Nurse
Medical Equipment setup
Rental / Lease
Osterized Food  (NatSure)
-Tutorial via Dietitian
“My father needed prolonged IV antibiotics at home and we sought the services of Centerlife. They gave excellent service with well trained nurses. I would recommend them for those who would need home infusion of antibiotics or chemotherapy.”

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