Centerlife Care is founded in June 2012. A house call outfit from the beginning then slowly developed its expertise in terminal illness care as a result of numerous calls for such need. From cancer to COPD, mild stroke, acute asthma to Covid-19 care and treatment. Centerlife Care has developed into a thoroughly different kind of medical service able to carry the capabilities, equipment & expertise of hospital care, palliative care and exit ( comfort) care – right in the comfort of the patient’s HOME

CENTERLIFE CARE Homecare’s philosophy of caring:

Centerlife Care believes that the kind of care we should give to our patient is not to treat them as patients but as loved ones who are sick. By basing our care on this philosophy we are able to deliver the kind of care that is appreciated not just by the patient but the patient’s family as well.

Not patient, not client but a sick loved one – the mindset of CARE each Centerlife Care medical team and staff has.

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