Time comes when we must see things for what they are, as a natural course of life that is neither good nor bad.

Time comes when we must see things for what they are, as a natural course of life that is neither good nor bad. And a death in the family, especially of a very dear elderly loved one, need not be taken as a misfortune, but as a teaching opportunity for the future generation that there would be no sadness in death when one has done all that one can do to comfort the dying.

Centerlife Care has evolved into a palliative and end-of-life care group after spending more than two years in home care. The shift to specialize in such care came after a realization that more families are in need of this kind of care. A lot of families can cope with the debilitating disease of an elderly loved one, able to find affordable ways of caring for their condition however long it might take for the condition to persist.

But things are different when a loved one is diagnosed as dying or observed to be at that point where they are near death. Family members caring for the ailing loved one turn from decisive into a condition of indecision and not knowing what to do next, which is why guidance is needed at this point.

The thing that differentiates Centerlife Care’s service in caring for a dying loved one is that families are always guided and given the information they need throughout the care engagement. While our nurses care for your ailing loved one, their constant communication with our doctor will get you the answers you need for anything that might be on your mind. And with the services of our doctor, your need for answers and reassurances go hand in hand with his medical expertise and care, so you are never left wondering if you have given everything you can towards their care.

Centerlife Care is committed to providing care that falls within the standards set by the WHO for palliative care ( We provide not only care and comfort for the sick, but also provide guidance and answers for family members. In their last days, the dying needs the “reconnect” – that part of us we lose when we are too busy with the cares and worries of life that sometimes we push people away just to give ourselves a bit of breathing space. That reconnect with families, especially the younger generation, gives peace to the ailing and eventually prepares them for the inevitable.

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