Hospice Care

With rising medical costs and the continued high occupancy rates in hospitals especially in times of seasonal outbreaks, it makes sense to consider home care especially for the elderly. Home care is a good option for those in need of palliative care, whether elderly patients or “young” patients with terminal illness or diseases with slow progression.

If one thinks about it, home care has certain advantages over institutional care. Think back to those times of sickness and staying home to recover, and remember how it feels to be able to go about one’s room and do the things one usually does every day however feeble one feels. Remember feeling a little better when beloved friends and family come for visits and well wishes? And remember how it felt to have everybody at your beck and call, ready to serve your every need and whim? And remember the love in every attention? And remember all of these seemed to shorten the time needed to recover?

These are the little advantages Centerlife Care tries to utilize in its home care service. While your loved one might be too old or too sick to really recover, they really need all the help they can get to augment the medical care they require. This way, by addressing their emotional, psychological and spiritual needs, any medical support applied would greatly enhance their chances for recovery, ease their pains and discomfort for older patients and give a bit of hope for the terminally ill. A lot of the elderly and the terminally ill often are victims to depression, withdrawing from the world and wallowing in self-pity as a result of their inability to reach a former level of socialization and activity that they were used to when they were healthier. Centerlife Care is a community, a “family” committed to the care of the sick, the elderly and the terminally ill. Imagine when two families meet towards the single goal of caring, of providing comfort and a bit of hope for those suffering from a disease or an ailment. With the Centerlife Care family providing the medical and nursing needs of the patient, your family can concentrate on the real things that matter – providing the much needed love and encouragement.