A lot of times, we simply have to grab at opportunities if we need to get ahead in life.

A lot of times, we simply have to grab at opportunities if we need to get ahead in life. And lucky we are if we have a supporting family, willing to fill in for our shortcomings with the family and happy for our chance at career or life success. But like they say life is what happens after we make plans. After some heady years of the same old routine of climbing the corporate ladder or pursuing a life-long dream, suddenly one of our elder, most loved family members succumbs to a debilitating illness that leaves them bed-bound or home-bound.

Before, one only had two choices: continue on as before and live with the guilt of not being able to take care of one who has such a place in one’s heart or leave behind successful career or life-long dream to fulfill one’s duties and fulfill a familial duty and honor of caring for someone to whom one owes so much.

Centerlife Care gives you a third option: get on with your life and leave the care of your ailing love one to us. Our extensive experience in palliative care has allowed us a unique take on home care that we can extend to assisted living. As long as your precious loved one is still able to carry on with a few of their normal activity, bed-bound/home-bound but still able to fend for themselves some or still active but needs to be monitored, we have the staff with the skills to help them get on with their daily activities. So you can get on with yours with very little need to worry about the quality of care your loved one is getting.

One big advantage of having Centerlife Care caregivers and nurses is that they have been trained in palliative care, teaming up with our palliative care nurses so that they may better understand the conditions that they will encounter in the care engagement. It is this training, coupled with their communication with our doctor which allows them to act on the little things that might lead to big problems. Treat our care staff as you would a family member and your loved will not just have somebody looking after them for their ailments but also a good company that will help them get through their days.

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