When we take care of our loved ones, life sure throws us a lot of unexpected things.

When we take care of our loved ones, life sure throws us a lot of unexpected things.  What was once a routine, a hospital visit could turn out to be a surprise when one is advised to take our  loved one at home and continue their care there.  Whether it is a simple matter of the economics of recovering at home, palliative care or the inevitable end of life care; or a case of a chronic debilitating disease like cancer, having the right equipment and supplies can help you take better care of them.

You have been taking care of your loved one, using the home furnishings and furniture they have been accustomed to all their lives but it is different now. You need to provide them with facilities that will help them deal with the progressive discomfort that their condition will bring.

We at Centerlife have the equipment you need to help your loved one deal with the discomfort their condition brings. Our extensive experience in palliative care has given us a good idea of the basic equipment needed for effective home care.  Our basic package includes a hospital bed, IV stand, nebulizer, suction machine and vital signs kit. And should it become necessary, we can even help you with advanced monitoring and medical equipment such as mechanical ventilators, BIPAP machine and cardiac monitors.

Having to deal with the purchase of these supplies can be a time-consuming if not a fund-draining process.  And it can be more than a handful to handle when our loved one no longer need these supplies, as our experience suggest that many do not wish these equipment in their homes to serve as grim reminders of their ordeal.

We would like to make this trying time a little bit easier for you to bear. Prices for our basic equipment package starts at P1, 500/day, for this reasonable rental, you can be assured that you’ll have most of the critical equipment for the best care you can give your loved one. Let us know your needs and we’ll try to help you with them.

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