If there is one thing we have to do a lot of nowadays, it is preparation.

If there is one thing we have to do a lot of nowadays, it is preparation. We are more aware of a lot of things, answers to simple and complex of life’s mundane questions can be accessed by a simple tap on a few buttons on our smartphones. Nowadays, there’s no need to grope for the right words to say, when a link on a site could give an insightful comprehension on a taboo topic.

In our culture, we’ve always avoided that topic we know to be inevitable; death and disease. It probably from one of our superstitions where we’d rather not invite misfortunes into our lives by not taking about it. But times they are changing. We are now recognizing the fragility of our situation with the loss of that comfortable stability offered by a few of our old institutions. There are a lot of opportunities now to make good money, just as there are opportunities to lose that which we have earned. This really makes the case for putting in a bit of one’s money in things that will ease matters for those unsavory occurrences in life.

A lot of us have an idea about investing in life and health insurance, but if you think about it, essentially you are just putting away some money for future expenses in treatment and hospitalization. But have you considered investing in care? While there will always be an option for one or loved one to be taken to the hospital care, what if the best care would simply be for the ailing to receiving care and some treatment at home or a place where they feel comfortable? Not everything that ails us could be treated; sometimes what might be more important is the care and attention that family members and a few medical professionals can provide. Such is the nature of palliative care. We bring the sick to the hospital in the hope of treating their ailments. When their condition is no longer treatable, it might be better for them to receive the necessary care they need in their “comfort” place. Perhaps it is necessary to make a few clarifications at this point, especially when the phrase “no longer treatable” is used. There are instances where the family of the ailing decides that any more medical attention would like cause more misery to their loved one and opts for very little medical support, even in the final hours where some distressing events can be observed. This is hospice care. Palliative care, on the other hand, still provides a measure of medical support aimed at reducing the pain and discomfort of the ailing. This level of medical support offers a lot of advantage not just for the patient but also for the family. The patient and the family need not deal with the distressing moments of a disease’s progression – like the gaspings, cries for help, and even dealing with those confusing episodes where the patient wishes to live but seeks death as a relief from suffering.

Centerlife care is willing to be a part of your preparation for the care of your aging loved ones. While they my have lost hope for recovery, our Centerlife Care team will help everybody in the family deal with this difficulty. Not only will we provide the necessary medical care and attention, but we are going to help you deal with the finality by providing you with the necessary information that will give everyone in the family the context with which to understand it.

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